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Michał Mozolewski Digitally Printed Painting

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Frame included


▪ Canvas

▪ Texture Paste

▪ Aluminium Alloy Frame


▪ Dimensions:

Small: W 500mm x D 20mm x H 800mm

Medium: W 700mm x D 20mm x H 1000mm

Large: W 800mm x D 20mm x H 1200mm

▪ Weight:

Small: 1000g

Medium: 1200g

Large: 1500g

Care Instructions

▪ Clean with a soft cloth

This painting is a digitally printed reproduction of an artwork originally by Michał Mozolewski. Mozolewski is a digital artist based in Gdańsk, Poland. At the foundation of each pieces of his is a photograph. He digitally manipulates his pictures in colour, texture, and composition. There are brush strokes which make the images appear as though they are hand made paintings. The artist also creates a distinct melancholy and mysterious atmosphere through his work.