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Morong Mountain Palette Wall Art

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Frame included


▪ Canvas

▪ Pigments

▪ Aluminium Alloy Frame


▪ Dimensions:

Small: W 500mm x D 20mm x H 800mm

Medium: W 700mm x D 20mm x H 1000mm

Large: W 800mm x D 20mm x H 1200mm

▪ Weight:

Small: 1000g

Medium: 1200g

Large: 1500g

Care Instructions

▪ Clean with a soft cloth

This artwork shows a strong commitment to colour, texture and movement. Focusing primarily on light and colour, the artist uses the canvas as a vehicle to promote the energy created by the interaction of pigment. The bold experimentation using mixed media has been well received within the art community. The painting has a very strong visual effect and compel the viewer to delve into the world of colour expression, vivid emotion, and raw energy.